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Vapiano is a chain, based primarily in Europe, of cafeteria-style Italian restaurants. D.C.’s location is in Chinatown, directly across from the Metro station. Food is ordered from chefs who prepare your dish right in front of you, and you can order salads, pasta dishes, pizza, desserts, and drinks. Seating is a long tables, which are

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery, the other half of the building from the American Art Museum, is the only museum in D.C. devoted entirely to portraits. The majority are focused on individuals that had a role in the United States, but there is a large variety from around the world. Like the American Art Museum, the

American Art Museum

The American Art Museum is devoted entirely to art either by Americans or about America. It has a surprisingly large collection, with art ranging from 18th Century art to contemporary art and everything in between. There are some of the most impressive landscape paintings you will find in the city, along with all sorts of